I've always loved writing and one day - a day like many others - I picked up a pen and I just started writing and haven't stopped yet. My creativity was born from writing poems: from the emotions, the intimate visions of that… something, the moment when it pushes to come out and be written, hoping to be picked up and become part of who reads it. After my poetry, I began to approach the world of music and composing songs; there, I had great satisfaction and personal success, having the pleasure of knowing people in the know about arranging, sound technicians, authors and many Italian and internationally known artists, many of whom have become precious friends. During the last few years, still pushed by the need to write, I dedicated my time to writing my first novel.

I've been lucky to meet many people in the artistic world, from all of whom I have learned something; they have enriched me on the inside; they have helped me grow as a person and as an artist.

HI have been recognized and received awards on several occasions, but for me the most important are those I have received from readers and people who have been touched, and are still touched today by what I have written.

I love writing and will continue to do so.


Flavio Girardelli