In 2009 he takes part in Sanremo Festival-Authors section.He never had written a musical text but here,with a group of Italian artists,he gives birth to "Dance with the wind". The music is composed by Opim(Maurizio Opinato -Catania),the text is written by F.Girardelli. This song will be the opening theme in the ending of Festival the theater of Sanremo Casino (21/6/2009).
He joins the same Festival as author with "In this town" sung by Clara Trucchi-stage name Lilyka-from Rome and "Hot Drops" sung by Antonella Pasubio from Torino.Both of texts come at the grand final.

In 2010 he takes part in Sanremo Festival again and he wins with "Tomorrow" sung by Rosita. On the jury there are also Alberto Salerno(lyricist),Marcello Balestra(director Artist and Repertoire of Warner Music Italia),Iskra Menarini(vocalist of Lucio Dalla), Bernardo Lafonte.

He comes to the final also with "Skin and Wax" and "All that asks dream",written with Francesco Amoruso, neapolitan singer-song writer . Sung by Stefano Leoni,they receive excellent reviews.
He starts a collaboration with various artists,for example Stefano Leoni,Francesco Amoruso, Francesco Schiffo(stage name Cekko),Valeria Martorelli (Sicilian author and poetess), Roberto Squarcia(singer-song writer),Stefano Ardeghi.
He starts also a collaboration with the recording agency AdviceMusic (Milano),where he proposes some unpublished works. The owner is Alberto Boi,sound engineer that has worked and still works with some important Italian and international singers.
He collaborates with Silvio Fasson(Padova) about unpublished works.
Empieza una colaboraciĆ³n con el maestro Silvio fasson de Padova
In 2013 Rosita Bonelli includes "Tomorrow"in her new cd.
In 2013 Idhea includes "Wanted Love in a While" in her new cd.


Flavio Girardelli
poetry & music

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