Born in Borgo Valsugana-Trentino Alto Adige,Italy-he starts to write poems at twenty-three years. He writes off his poems trying to convey the voice of his heart and his soul by the ink;under the impulse of the moment he writes without affected way,without a reason.

For him,his poems are as a line of ink that comes out and remains pure in the essence. He loves to say that poetry doesn't belong to the writer but to the riders…...

In 2009 he want to know also the musical world, driven by curiosity and comparison. Being unable to play and to sing ,he, unpretentious, takes part in some laboratories in Sanremo -Italy and he starts to write some musical texts. He will start some collaborations that still continue.

In 2000 he joins some national competitions:

Literary prize "City of Terni",Italy - Literary prize "Peter Russel" ,Naples,Italy
International prize of music and poetry Portovenere-La Spezia-Italy.
He takes part in these literary competitions to fulfil himself and to deal with another poets. To his great satisfaction he receives some excellent reviews from authorized staff. .
In 2002 he publishes on a national scale his first collection of poems ,brief thoughts,deliberations:"Maudit-Life between dream and reality", LibroitalianoWord-Sicily It gets good reviews from the reading public and the critics

In 2003-2004 he cooperates with the poetess Maria Pia De Martino and some of his poems are published in "Le Nuvole"(Clouds),attached to national prize "Peter Russel".
He takes part in the first edition of "Quotapoesia"(Val di Sella -Trento).
In november 2008 he publishes his second collection of poems on a national scale:"Uomini di sabbia":poems,deliberations,Sabrina Carlettini and Stefano Capisani's drawings,trentine artists.
In 2009 his poems are included in the polished notebook 2010 "Le Opere e I Giorni" (Works and Days)-by bookshop Croce-Rome.There are some poems written by rising artists and important writers and reporters
In the book "FAHRENHEIT 38058"-Marred Writings-Silvy publ.-2010 there are two stories written by F.Girardelli. This book is about environmental, social and cultural pollution.
In 2012 his poems are included in a musical project and the artist Stefano Leoni reads some poems of these during his concerts

Flavio Girardelli
Music & poetry

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